Saturday, 20 September 2014

September Happenings!

Boot Camps and TRX classes are off to a great start this fall, I'm having a great turn out and super excited to see everyone commit to them!

Don't forget, step class is coming up in Carrot River and Arborfield also! I will be offering a free class in Arborfield on October 15, if you are interested but not sure step class is for you I highly recommend coming out for it and giving it a try! How can you say "no" to a free class?


Also, I've been busy completing my Certified Personal Trainer course through Mount Royal University. Everyone I have been working with has been excelling and working hard which is great to see! Keep up the great work everyone!


  1. I would like to wish all of my followers a very happy new year and thank you all so much fot your support and encouragement over the last few months and sticking with me throughout 365 days of fitness! click to investigate

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