Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Jackie James - You Did It!

Mrs. Jackie James everyone! Check out those pipes!
Another one of my clients has hit her goal, and we had to celebrate with a "You Did It" Celebration. 
Jackie has lost 11 lbs, and 11.25 inches in just three months! That shows her dedication and willpower. 
She started on November 23, with a hip injury. She says she is now pretty much 100% better with the help of the exercise and physio. She is setting an amazing example for her daughters, she is an amazing leader in her riding. She feels now that her core is stronger she is riding better and her horse responds better. Her husband has commented on her "wrangler bum" and she says she is in such a better place mentally. 
"Of course," she says "the first ten days are the hardest. You want to quit, you hurt, you're tired.. but you power through and you feel good after! My workout time is my time.. I blast my music and run, lift weights. I grunt, I groan.. but whatever. It gets the job done, and when other people notice it's such a good feeling!"
Jackie and I have been looking into doing some body building competitions, so it will be interesting to see where the future takes us!

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